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This is a self-indulgent fic in which Izuku has a slightly OP regeneration quirk and heals everyone and is friends with his kacchan and makes everyone's lives complete with his smiles and BAMFness. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - [Katsuki B., Izuku M.] - Chapters: 12 - Words: 44,470 - Reviews: 256 - Favs: 1,459 - Follows: 1,513 ...

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4 year-old Izuku Midoriya walked out of the room with a emotionless expression, guided by his mother, Inko Midoriya, who looked sullen at her son. The hallway seemed to be much more gloomier than when they first entered the building (think it's a hospital, but I'm going to call it a building.). Inko scowled as many of the quirk testers ...Little did young Izuku know, that when someone reaches their lowest point, they are open to the greatest change. Izuku's mother, Inko, had the power to levitate objects. Izuku's father, Hizashi, had the power to breathe fire. When the two combine into one, the fire adds power to the levitation ability, amplifying its strength.Izuku Midoriya was unfortunate at birth, not receiving any quirk and making him an outcast within society. Even so, he still strove to become the world's greatest hero…But now, the term "hero" begins to lose meaning, as he is faced with the reality of hypocrites, phonies, and bullies; who care not for mankind, but for power, wealth, and fame.Izuku got beaten up for saving someone. By the one who was supposed to be his friend. No one helped him. Ever. And laying under that tree, beaten up, he came to a gruesome realization. The realization gave him the drive to chase his dreams past the limit of men! Go beyond! PULS ULTRA! OP!Izuku. OOC!Izuku. Now has a TV Tropes page.

Boku no Hero Academia: Izuku's Harem Academia. Disclaimer: This is a mature-rated fanfiction story of Boku no Hero Academia that I am writing for erotic fun. Needless to say, this story is AU, the characters may seem OOC to some and there will be smutty lemons. Also, I own nothing of the series other than the fanfiction stories that I …

The only thing worse than an Izuku wanking fic is a Vigilante or Villain Izuku wanking fic. If Izuku is a vigilante then somehow before his enrollment in U.A. he becomes one of the most widely-known and successful vigilantes, making heroes and villains tremble in fear and awe over just how fucking awesome he is despite being Quirkless.

Pied Piper: (author: blackholeca, AO3, 44 chapters, ongoing) Vigilante!Izuku is a common trope in MHA Fanfictions, and this is probably the best of that kind set in the canon universe. It's heavy at times, but it hits spot on the good nature of Izuku, something a lot of other fics seem to fail at.-Izuku is getting OFA, meaning that Izuku will be much stronger but he won't be OP. All the characters in this fanfiction will get their respective share of upgrades.-Story starts off like canon but slowly drifts, starting from the USJ arc.-Izuku's past is darker than canon, but this past will be revealed in due time.And over time, it stopped completely. Katsuki became a Pro Hero, earning his place among the top 10 alongside many of his friends. After years of being apart, Katsuki encounters Izuku unexpectedly, and for the first time in a long time, Katsuki truly smiles. Izuku had been in America for the entirety of high school, into the beginning of adulthood.There, he braved the wind as he climbed up on the railing and looked up at the moon. It was a new moon that night, and in such a desolate place with nary a person in sight, Izuku let his body fall over to the street, 10 stories down. Even as he felt time slow to a crawl with the ground fast approaching, Izuku barely reacted.

No light perception, no color perception, nothing. However, In place of his sight his other senses increased. Izuku... Izuku Midoriya was blinded by his best friend, Katsuki Bakugo at the age of 5. And with Inko lost all hope and fell into despair. She finally welcomes in Izuku's father... izuku is blind and quirkless he lives a terrible life ...

In a moment of terror, Izuku flung All Might's hand off his shoulder and sprinted away. "Hey wait, come back," All Might shouted as he raced after the teen. Despite the other boy's head start and their similar capabilities, All Might was far more experienced with catching fleeing suspects and had cut off Izuku at every turn.

The boys face turns pinker, smile turning coy. He reaches his own, dainty, leather clad hand out, and shakes Katsukis much warmer, much rougher one. Electricity runs hot down his spine. "Izuku Midoriya, but my friends call me Dolly." ••••.Izuku couldn't help but smile. A hurried interview followed, where All Might was quick to get away. Izuku could understand that, he wouldn't want to be hounded by reporters wherever he went either. There was one thing that Izuku noticed though: steam. It seemed to be rising from his shoulders just before he dashed away. Strange.Izuku has the best misfortune possible of being randomly time-travelled back just around fifteen years, but he is dumped in front of one Aizawa Shouta. And that, as it turns out, is a blessing. ~~~. Izuku falters then, breath dying in his throat, the snap of brittle bones leaving him with the taste of iron.Izuku Midoriya was a quirkless boy who was told to give up on his dream of becoming a hero, until one day when All Might himself showed up at his school. Ochako Uraraka was a kind girl who considered giving up on her dreams of becoming a hero, until her parents received an opportunity to turn their fortunes around in Mustafu.Izuku Midoriya is an Omega who had lost his vision due to complications during a rogue attack. As a consequence of this, he was forced to leave his home in hopes that he could get treatment for this issue, leaving his childhood best friend behind. Katsuki Bakugo is the Superior Alpha of a known pack.Do warn when a fanfic may head into sexual note or non-canon territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, ... Nerdy References and Easter Eggs, Midoriya Izuku gets the Omnitrix, Somewhat OP Deku, Uraraka Ochako Has One for All Quirk, Canon Compliant, Oumagadoki Zoo, Supportive Midoriya Hisashi ...

Analyst Midoriya Izuku. Hurt/Comfort. Izuku Midoriya's father never quite learnt to accept his son's quirklessness. That was one of the many harsh truths he had to learn at the ripe age of four, right after getting his diagnosis. He was reminded of it when his father tricked his mother into sending him to live abroad.Izuku woke up the next day and went to school where Kaminari, Mina Sato, Sero and Kirishima stood in their classroom telling everyone to have a good time at the training camp while they have summer school at home but before anyone could cheer them up Aizawa slammed open the door. "That's the bell. Be seated"He has taken the nation, better yet, the world by storm with his incredible strength and selfless actions to help his community. Izuku makes his way to the kitchen and sits down in a chair where his breakfast was laid out. "Thanks mom." Izuku digs right in. "Today is your first day of school.Any fanfiction out there with Midoriya not having One for All and he's born/gifted with a different Quirk? I've read Inheritance, Viridescent and Emerald Lightning. Anyone have fics where he has a unique quirk? Pls no AFO Izuku, Villain Izuku or Harem Fics (Grown Tired of those) just him genuinely having a unique quirk.Izuku thought as he crossed the street to get a closer view. 'I shouldn't even stop. All of my notes are useless', Izuku thought depressingly. However his tone shifted as he saw the Villain that was causing havoc. 'That's the same guy who attacked me!' Izuku thought as he saw the same Slime Villain who tried to take his body through the tunnel ...Izuku and Katsuki are at Dagobah beach, Izuku finds fruit and eats it. Later he finds 3 people washed up onshore. he finds out that the fruit he ate allows him to heal the strangers. Izuku and Katsuki are walking to the beach near their homes. Katsuki received his Quirk yesterday while protecting Izuku from older bullies.

In a world where only 1 in every 10,000 births result in a man, Izuku is one of the unlucky, or lucky, depending on who you ask. Females have grown powerful quirks while males seem destined to have weak powers useful for only being trophy husbands. Izuku wishes to change this and be the first Male Hero to ever exist.He is Deku: The Golden Saiyan Hero of Hope. Deku: The Golden Saiyan Hero of Hope is a My Hero Academia fanfiction by Mr. Narrative where Izuku gains Saiyan abilities and would become the greatest hero of all time. The story can be found here, while the fanfiction.net version is found here.

Izuku and Ochako have to answer to the world for their choice to have a child. Navigating pregnancy is no small task, but together, they are determined to succeed. My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア - Rated: T - English - Romance/Family - Chapters: 4 - Words: 27,848 - Reviews: 29 - Favs: 173 - Follows: 103 - Updated: 8/4/2019 ...Assassin Midoriya Izuku. Good Parent Midoriya Inko. In a small apartment, on the outskirts of a busy city, a mother mourns her baby boys disappearance, yearning for him to come back home. In a prestigious neighborhood of Musutafu, a small boy stares at the ceiling as he plots on where his best friend is, and how to get him back.Tue, Jun 14, 2022. Chapter 24. Sat, Dec 3, 2022. Chapter 25. Tue, Apr 18, 2023. The Moon Fang Hero. Izuku was born to be quirkless, however he turned out to be a God. How powerful will he compare to the top villains and...Midoriya Izuku Has a Quirk-Copying Quirk. Midoriya Izuku Has a Hidden Quirk. Midoriya grows up quirkless. Midoriya Izuku Has Multiple Quirks. his life is a mess honestly. Good Parent Midoriya Hisashi. i mean maybe. All Might is not having a good time. Izuku treats his life too much like a shonen manga.Izuku has the incredible power of preserving the world as if it were a video game, but power doesn't come without a price. ( OP Kaminari) ( OP Izuku ) (Collage UA) My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア - Rated: M - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,118 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 18 - Published:This is a collection of as many decent and masterpiece stories with Izuku either having a new power/quirk or changes in the time-line that makes him powerful. …

Overpowered! is a My Hero Academia alternate universe where Izuku Midoriya was born with a quirk but this quirk a quirk like no other, a very strong quirk. Will he accomplish his dream of being a Hero and graduate in his dream school; UA High School?

It will follow some of the original stories of MHA. However, the difference is that he is and will stay quirkless. The reason why will be said later on, but this will be a more confident Izuku, despite his lack of a quirk. Now, let us begin the story of The Strongest Hero. Here is a small fact. Not all men are treated equally.

With two powerful quirks, izuku is ready to go to U.A. Rated: K - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 6 - Words: 9,827 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 40 - Follows: 42 - Updated: Feb 23, 2019 - Published: Jan 26, 2019. Minecraft and My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア crossover fanfiction archive with over 14 stories. Come in to read ...Izuku Midoriya is a young quirkless boy with desires to become a hero even though everyone treats him less then dirt. This changes when Izuku saves a small blue man in a... dragonball. dekuhas. mha. +22 more. Read the most popular dbzxmha stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform.After a messy breakup, Izuku Midoriya is given the opportunity to move abroad. He leaves his old life to start a new chapter, with new people to cherish, with a new atti... A quirkless Izuku Yagi was neglected by his parent's and bullied by his sister, Izumi along with her childhood friends, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki, in an effort ...Inheriting the Quirk 'Telekinesis' from his mother and being trained personally by All Might, Izuku Midoriya has the chance to attend U.A. High School and achieve his dream of becoming a hero! There he meets a girl, and they change each other's lives. AU. Quirk!Izuku, IzuOcha. Rated M for eventual themes and safety.27 1 1. douma/izuku, is emotionless but fakes his emotions around his classmates, but sometimes he can't perfect the emotion right. he's a demon still. and he might get adopted... muzan. hero. aizawa. +20 more. Read the most popular demondeku stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform.Kira shook in barely restrained anger but calmed down when her eyes met Izuku's, who gestured for her to get a hold of herself. Scoffing, she put out the flames and sat back behind her desk, her chair loudly scrapping the floor in one last show of anger. Apparently satisfied with himself, Katsuki did the same.Here's some OP Izuku quirks with drawbacks of some sort Become the Sun by Peanuts_Gallery - Ongoing Izuku is (Afraid) by sleepingugly - Completed (Ongoing …Midoriya Izuku is a Little Shit. As soon as Katsuki learned he was an Omega, everything he thought he knew about himself changed in an instant. Luckily, Izuku's kind-hearted nature prompts him to happily offer his aid, as any true friend would. Heat arrangements, it turns out, can be more complicated than anticipated.At age four, Izuku and Bakugou are told the story of the Saiyans and of the evil emperor Freeza. At age four, Izuku begins his training to harness his latent abilities after a minor incident at school. At age four, Izuku begins his journey to become one of the Earth's greatest heroes and its strongest protector.⚠️WARNING⚠️ This book will contain: • Adult language • Maybe some angst • Izuku being a hot badass🥵 I do not own my hero academia or any of the characters except for OCs that I might add in NONE OF THE ARTWORK IS MINE UNLESS I SAY IT IS

Chapter 1. He vaguely remembers the small pink-haired girl and her tears. She was crying and grateful but all Izuku could think of was the bodies lying in the building he had just saved her from. Her bright smile seemed to dim when she saw his expression. ''It's my quirk. I can't control it anymore. I'm so sorry.''.This is a self-indulgent fic in which Izuku has a slightly OP regeneration quirk and heals everyone and is friends with his kacchan and makes everyone's lives complete with his smiles and BAMFness. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - [Katsuki B., Izuku M.] - Chapters: 12 - Words: 44,470 - Reviews: 258 - Favs: 1,495 - Follows: 1,542 ...Tags. No Archive Warnings Apply; Midoriya Izuku; Eri (My Hero Academia) Ashido Mina; Jirou Kyouka; Female Midoriya Izuku; Summary. Izori Midoriya never wanted to be a hero, she wanted a simple life, but when you're a 12 foot tall six ton extremely clumsy 16 year old girl, you can't be simple, Aizawa has snuck her into the big test in hopes she'll make enough points to get into U.A. since she's ...Instagram:https://instagram. spider man across the spider verse 123quint lightroom failed to compileelfbar store locatorspearfish sd car dealerships With a final wish on the Triforce, Princess Zelda wished for the Reincarnation Cycle to finally end and where the Hero of Legend will finally finish off The King of Evil, Ganon. The Triforce granted her wish, to bring the Kingdom of Hyrule to the last Hero of Legend, Izuku Midoriya, the Hero of Peace. …. druggie memewxii christina evans leaving Fushiguro Megumi. Kugisaki Nobara. Itadori Yuuji. Zenin Maki. BAMF Midoriya Izuku. Sassy Midoriya Izuku. Dead Midoriya Inko. Izuku, a Jujutsu Sorcerer, has been away on a infiltration mission for the year. He returns just in time for the school event, surprising others of the arrival of the mysterious 4th first-year.Izuku Midoriya stepped through the front gates of Yuuei with his only friend Katsuki Bakugo, both boys shared a smiliar scowl as they walked. Midoriya however had bags under his eyes. "You didn't sleep at all." Bakugo growled at him. "I did, Three minutes before you decided to wake me up." mersea restaurant bar and venue Sequel to Red 14. Izuku and Katsuki enter Yuei as a mated pair, hoping to become pro-heroes who can change the world and return rights and freedom to the omegas. Their troubled past and unresolved conflicts threaten their goal and relationship, but they aren't alone in their fight. Part 3 of BNHA Omegaverse. Language:Chaotic Hatsume Mei. U.A. is a University (My Hero Academia) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence. Slow Burn. 'What protects a hero but our gear'. Midoriya Izuku, age four, has just manifested his quirk, a combination of his parent's. After hurting his best friend with his quirk, he loses his dream to be a hero.